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Founded in 1957, Weisler and Associates, Inc. is a manufacturers' representative firm specializing in electrical/electronic control, protection and regulation products for the Electric Utility, Heavy Industrial and Telecommunications markets.

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Concentric Devices, Inc. has selected Weisler & Associates, Inc. to represent their series of next generation terminal blocks

8/24/2011 - Concentric Devices, Inc.

HOUSTON, TX (8/24/2011) Weisler & Associates, Inc. is now offering Concentric Devices, Inc. distribution terminal blocks, CT shunting or grounding terminal blocks and circuit interrupting terminal blocks.

Concentric Devices, Inc.

These are the next generation of value-added electrical terminal blocks which utilize "iQ Technology" to provide a completely integrated connectivity solution for electrical control applications. Each has a specific function, and yet is fully integrated with the others.

This technology provides totally captive hardware, dead front and finger safe isolation, maximum design flexibility, highest circuit density, fastest termination, positive circuit identification, easiest installation and quickest circuit testing after installation. The combination of these features provides the user with dramatic increases in productivity, safety and reliability.

To receive more information on Concentric Devices, Inc., please use our contact form or call the Weisler & Associates, Inc. office for your area.

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