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Founded in 1957, Weisler and Associates, Inc. is a manufacturers' representative firm specializing in electrical/electronic control, protection and regulation products for the Electric Utility, Heavy Industrial and Telecommunications markets.

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iES28 product family is IEC 61850-3 Edition 2 certified by KEMA

8/15/2014 - iS5 Communications

iES28 Intelligent Ethernet SwitchiS5 Communications is the first SAS communications company that has its products certified with the Second Edition of the IEC 61850-3. This new edition published in December of 2013 is significantly more stringent than the previous one and includes the following technical changes:

  • Requirements are in line with those of other equipment used in the same environment (e.g. protection relays)
  • Added Product safety based on IEC 60255-27
  • Impulse Voltage test for 5KV
  • Dialectic Voltage test for 2KV
  • Clearance and Creepage according to Overvoltage degree and pollution category levels
  • Protective Bonding Resistance
  • Flammability UL94-V0 and Single fault conditions
  • EMC requirements completed and in line with IEC 60255 series and IEC 61000-6-5
  • Added severe mechanical tests: Bump with 10/20G acceleration and Seismic IEC 60255-21-3

We have taken this step to certify our equipment to the same standards as protective relays to further emphasize our commitment to be a leader in providing communication equipment for the power utility automation market.

Please contact your local Weisler & Associates sales office if you would like information or pricing for the iES28 series of Intelligent Ethernet Switches.

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